Saturday, October 27, 2007

2nd Investigation

My 2nd investigator and his wife showed up at my house last night. Went through the same form with questions as with my 1st, except this one had a few questions of his own after filling out the form. He asked me how I heard about the Masons and why I wanted to become one. I told him about the experience with my grandfather and the Elks and how I got in contact with the El Paso group through the Internet and about the lodges and events I had been to so far. He was a really nice guy and seemed very knowledgeable. He is a Workshipful Master at one of the lodges here in town, but not the one I'm petitioning. His wife sat in the living room chatting about a million things with my wife, but not necesarrily about Masonry. All in all I feel the investigation went very well. Next one is on Tuesday with the gentleman I already know who is a newly minted MM and 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason.

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