Friday, February 27, 2009


I really enjoyed this poem and believe that it could be very you?

Ten Master Masons, happy, doing fine;
One listened to a rumor, then there were nine.

Nine Master Masons, faithful, never late;
One didn't like the "Master," then there were eight.

Eight Master Masons, on their way to heaven;
One joined to many clubs, then there were seven.

Seven Master Masons, life dealt some hard licks;
One grew discouraged, then there were six.

Six Master Masons, all very much alive;
One lost his interest, then there were five.

Five Master Masons, wishing there were more;
Got into a great dispute, then there were four.

Four Master Masons, busy as could be;
One didn't like the programs, then there were three.

Three Master Masons, was one of them you?
One grew tired of all the work, then there were two.

Two Master Masons with so much to be done;
One said "What's the use," then there was one.

One Master Mason, found a brother -- true!
Brought him to the Lodge, then there were two.

Two Master Masons didn't find work a bore;
Each brought another, then there were four.

Four Master Masons saved their Lodges fate;
By showing others kindness, then there were eight.

Eight Master Masons, loving their Lodges bright sheen;
Talked so much about it, they soon counted sixteen.

Sixteen Master Masons, to their obligations true;
Were pleased when their number went to thirty-two.

So we can't put our troubles at the Lodges door;
It's our fault for harming the Lodge we adore.

Don't fuss about the programs or the "Master" in the East;
Keep your obligation by serving even the very least.

-This was furnished by Bro. George CHAVEZ

Five Points Lodge #1137 Anniversary Dinner

Last night I took the whole family to lodge for our 89th anniversary dinner. It was great to introduce them to my new Brothers and give them a tour of our lodge. The presentation was really interesting as it gave me an insight to the wonderful history of our lodge and how far it has come throughout the years. I especially enjoyed looking at a very old book which has invitations and pictures of other anniversary dinners from many years ago. I really wish we could promote our anniversary dinner much more next year for the big 90! I think sending out invitations is a must and preparing a very special dinner to make it an even more memorable night!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tonight I passed my Master Mason Proficiency Exam

Well this was a great relief, for some reason or another this felt like the most difficult of all the proficiencies, maybe because it's the last one. What was unique about this one for me was that on my coach's suggestion, I decided to do my own question and answers. It was nice to hear several compliments from some of the Brethren, saying things like, "that blew me away", "beautiful job" and "that's only the third time I've heard it done that way in 50 years!"

I know I probably made a couple small mistakes or stuck in an extra word here and there. But all in all, I feel very satisfied with my exam, and am glad that I am finally done! Now I would like to look into coaching another Brother and helping him in the way my coaches went way beyond and out of their way to help me.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Day Finally Arrived!

This evening I became a Master Mason, the highest and most important degree in the Blue Lodge. I can say without a doubt that it was an extremely rewarding and memorable experience that I will never forget. I enjoyed it so much, I'm a little sad that it's over and wish I had the opportunity to go through it again. While going through the degree, I was dreading that it would eventually come to an end, and wish I could go through all three degrees again some day if it were possible. Kind of like a when a married couple decides to renew their wedding vows, in a sense. I felt so special to walk into my Lodge lobby this evening and see so many well dressed Brethren who came from afar and were waiting for me....The VIP, I was so flattered!

Now I must work on my MM proficiency, and look forward to becoming very active in my Lodge and help out as much as I can in all of its activities. I appreciate the time and dedication the Brethren dedicate, and have come to recognize and appreciate where the term Brotherly Love comes from! I received awesome gifts and mementos that I did not see coming. I left Lodge today with a VERY SPECIAL FEELING, and look forward to the work that's cut out for me in the near future.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today I passed my Fellowcraft Proficiency

Well after being out of the loop with my Masonic Brothers quite some time, I decided to make an extra effort in my busy schedule and get back to my degree work. Today, I was fortunate to pass my FC proficiency exam and am scheduled to receive my Master Mason's degree in a couple weeks. I am thrilled to be back in the saddle again and look forward to an exciting 2009 with my Lodge!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's official, I'm a FC Mason

The ceremony went without a hitch last night, and Brethren drove as far as from the neighboring town of Las Cruces, NM to be there...about 50 miles. All along, I thought I had this down, but suddenly began to feel nervous and anxious as in my EA degree. They definitely did a good job of maintaining the element of surprise in every aspect. I truly had no clue what to expect, although I had read a snippet or two on the web about it. Again, an overwhelming and exciting experience I will never forget. I resume coaching next week with our district instructor, who assured me that this time around it would be a lot shorter, and that he hoped we could do my proficiency by our next stated meeting on July 10th.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonight I will become a Fellowcraft Mason

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I am happy to say that I passed my Entered Apprentice proficiency a couple of weeks ago. I did all three parts at once, thanks to the coaching of our district instructor who is a true expert! I was praised by all who attended, and was even told that it was one of the best proficiencies they had ever heard. So all of this means that I have now earned the privilege of becoming a Fellowcraft Mason or 2nd Degree Mason, and this will happen at 7:00PM tonight. I must admit, I am quite nervous as I recall some of the emotions I felt during my initiation. I really do not know what to expect, and am nervous that all of the attention will be centered around me. I hope not to make any mistakes or have to remember something from my EA proficiency that I might not recall. The night after I finished my proficiency, I was told by almost everyone that it was all downhill and easy from here on, that I had completed the toughest task. It did feel like a great weight was lifted off of my shoulders, but that doesn't mean I'm not up to challenges. I'll update tomorrow on how my degree went. I suspect it will be another overwhelmingly rewarding experience.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back in the saddle again

After yet another break, I have finally resumed my coaching and it seems like I will doing my EA proficiency very soon. My friend and first coach E. accepted a great job offer in another city and had to stop being my coach. He referred me to our local district instructor, which is great, because now I have our most proficient person as my coach. Tomorrow is the State of Texas Grand Master Banquet which I am really looking forward to.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

About Earning

I think this reply from justamason deserves a post:

"J .. it's nice to hear you'd like to learn the other parts of the proficiency in your jurisdiction. But remember things are different elsewhere. The Emulation work of England requires the EA to learn the answers to 11 questions, and that's it. No obligation. It's been that way for almost 200 years. Certainly no one would suggest no English Mason has "earned" their degree.Conversely, some European jurisdictions require a year between degrees and a paper to be written and defended in open Lodge. It would be equally incorrect to suggest American Masons have not "earned" their degree because they don't go such rigour."

I apologize for generalizing, I believe that any Mason has earned his degree if he completes the requirements of his jurisdiction. What upsets me is when, for example in Texas, some lodges decide to bend the rules that have been established by the Grand Lodge of Texas and allow shortcuts in order to gain more members. I also find it sad that some lodges in our jurisdiction could care less about doing quality degree work, and rely on another lodge to bail them out during rituals, because they do not care to maintain their proficiency at an acceptable level.

Again I apologize for generalizing and truly believe that if an English Mason completes what is required of him, that he has equally earned his degree as I have. And would disagree that he has earned it if his lodge offered him a shorter route just to gain more members.

All that being said, It is my opinion, that every Mason in the world should make an effort to learn as much as possible about the Craft. I personally feel that learning all 3 parts makes me more proficient, perhaps allowing me the opportunity to someday confer a degree upon another, based on what I have learned.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And...still chiseling

I know it's been a while, but believe it or not I am still chiseling. After being given the option of doing my proficiency on only the first part of the EA...I chickened out (perhaps not) and decided to learn the whole enchilada...all three parts. I was surprised to learn that some lodges in my area do not require the 2nd & 3rd part. I believe that this is totally ridiculous. I think that especially young Entered Apprentice Masons want to EARN their degrees, actually demand it. I truly hope that this new generation of Masons will help Change our fraternity; and yes, I did capitalize Change on purpose.