Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A little disappointed

I got an email last Thursday from my friend at the lodge, stating that they would have liked for me to show up before the stated meeting to see if they could "rig" something up in regards to completing my final two investigations. He did state in the email that they really hated having to do it this way, but that sometimes there was not much choice. I was going out of town on business so on Friday I got an email from him stating that they "obviously" were unable to vote on my petition. I will have to wait until the second week of November for them to vote. That's if my investigations are completed.

My friend did state that the Secretary and Worshipful Master were furious that this had happened. Interestingly, I have not been contacted yet. Perhaps they will wait until the last minute...again?!


Young Mason said...

Hello there brother to be!

Just found your site and am very impressed - will certainly be watching it as your progress develops!

I was initiated in December last year, and have also been blogging about my experiences - so do take a look: www.middlesex-fire.co.uk

Kind regards


J said...

Thanks for your kind encouragement Young Mason!