Monday, November 5, 2007

Ordeal of the Secret Ballot

My third and final investigation was completed last Tuesday and now this coming Thursday at their stated meeting, Five Points Lodge will vote by secret ballot on whether to allow me to join them or not. My investigation reports will be read aloud and the ballot box will be passed around. Each Mason votes by putting their hand in a hole in the box and retrieving either a white ball (yes) or black ball/square (no) and then placing that ball or square in a little drawer below. To be elected, I must receive an affirmative vote from each and every member present at the meeting. The black balls were changed to squares to avoid confusion from the white to the black. This is where the original term "to blackball" someone, came from. I wish for the best, and will most likely have dinner with my future brothers before their stated meeting.


Young Mason said...

Hello again brother, nice to see you posting.

I'm sure your ballot will be absolutely fine, don't worry.

With regards to your disclaimer at the bottom, don't swear off posting people's ames entirely - many people are perfectly happy to have you post their names (especially if you're being complimentary) - just check with them first.

Of course no one in their right mind ever suspected that you'd post anything against your obligations, so no need to clarify that. It's just great seeing another (potential) brother posting about this sort of thing, and I hope you continue once you've been initiated.


J said...

Good point Young Mason, I was not entirely satisfied with that disclaimer when I wrote it, so I removed it. Don't think it flowed to well with the rest of the post either.