Friday, September 28, 2007

Feast of Tishri

The Brethren of Five Points Lodge and the El Paso Scottish Rite invited me to their annual Feast of Tishri. This was a delightful experience as I got to get a glimpse of the traditions and customs of Scottish Rite Masons. To my surprise, I found out it does not nearly take as long to reach the 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite as it does to reach the third or Master Mason degree in the Blue Lodge.

I really enjoyed seeing all of the Scottish Rite Masons wearing their caps.
and learned that 32 degrees wear black caps as the one shown here; and the 33 degree Masons..."the ones who control the banks and government" as my friend jokingly mentioned, wear white caps. I learned that approximately one out of every 200 32nd's are elected to become Honorary 33rd degrees.

The evening consisted of a presentation in the theater. Here the Scottish Rite Masons opened the meeting with a prayer and went on to explain the reason for the Feast of Tishri. Afterword we all went to the banquet room to have a nice dinner. Many were accompanied by their Ladies. After dinner, they proceeded with the toasts of obligation, which are made to the government and to different individuals and Masonic bodies. Interestingly, these toasts were made with a glass of water. No alcohol served here...too bad we're not in England.

In regards to my investigation...NO ONE has contacted me!! I mentioned this to my friend at the lodge and he was a little surprised, but he also mentioned that many times they wait until almost the last day to get to someone. I was expecting to be interviewed at the Feast of Tishri, since the Scottish Rite told my friend to invite me. I don't think it will be long before they contact me though, since one mason already contacted the other candidate who submitted his petition the same day I did. A total of three masons must do the investigation.

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