Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Site update & other tidbits

Today I updated the template to accomodate the new logo of the our Creator, The Grand Architect of the Universe. I also added a few of my favorite links.

This blog was created yesterday right before bedtime, so I didn't have an opportunity to expound on what got me into Freemasonry and what steps I have taken so far. When I was a young boy, I remember attending the funeral of my grandfather on my father's side. I have a vague memory of a particular group of men that attended his funeral in their ceremonial garb. I can almost pinpoint in my memory that they were elks, or perhaps Masons. Anyhow, they made an impression on my young mind, because even though my parents were not very familiar with them, they were not worried if any family members recognized them. They were there to pay tribute to a fallen brother. That is brotherly love.

I saw a documentary on the National Geographic Channel about a month ago. Sunday morning, I was probably nursing a little hangover, still in pajamas when I heard the TV announce, "Coming up next...the Secrets of the Freemasons". Oooooooo... My wife and I glanced at each other and were immediately glued. That same afternoon, I surfed the web endlessly in search for information on Freemasonry. That same Sunday after mass, my family and I drove to the Scottish Rite Temple downtown, and read the signs on the exterior of the building. I have long been looking for something, which I wasn't sure what. For the first time in a long time, I felt enlightened. I felt a sense of belonging, even though I do not yet belong. I hope to, though!

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