Monday, December 22, 2008

The Day Finally Arrived!

This evening I became a Master Mason, the highest and most important degree in the Blue Lodge. I can say without a doubt that it was an extremely rewarding and memorable experience that I will never forget. I enjoyed it so much, I'm a little sad that it's over and wish I had the opportunity to go through it again. While going through the degree, I was dreading that it would eventually come to an end, and wish I could go through all three degrees again some day if it were possible. Kind of like a when a married couple decides to renew their wedding vows, in a sense. I felt so special to walk into my Lodge lobby this evening and see so many well dressed Brethren who came from afar and were waiting for me....The VIP, I was so flattered!

Now I must work on my MM proficiency, and look forward to becoming very active in my Lodge and help out as much as I can in all of its activities. I appreciate the time and dedication the Brethren dedicate, and have come to recognize and appreciate where the term Brotherly Love comes from! I received awesome gifts and mementos that I did not see coming. I left Lodge today with a VERY SPECIAL FEELING, and look forward to the work that's cut out for me in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, JP. I understand how you feel about taking your 3rd degree and how you will never be the candidate in that degree ever again. Cool thing about it you can be the one helping a Brother through his degree, helping him find Masonic light. For me, that has always been way more rewarding.

We're extremely fortunate that you joined us. I hope we can continue to help you in your quest for enlightenment.

Welcome to Five Points, Brother. We’ve been waiting for you.

Senior Warden
Five Points Masonic Lodge #1137
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

Anthony Williams said...

Congratulations, brother - it's a wonderful ceremony, and I really hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Although it feels like the end of a journey, it is only the end of your first journey - there is much more to come! :)

Anthony Williams
JW, Tetragon Lodge #6302 (UGLE)

J said...

Thanks Brothers! I really appreciate your kind comments and look forward to what's ahead. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Your spirit is great and I guess you will make new progresses. The best way is to understand what is required from a Master Mason, because he is looked as an example from younger Brethren. Second one need to look at the doctrine. Don't parrot freemasonry you get fed of it, in a while. Be attentive and a good working Mason. Then a door will be open to the High Degreesm what in England is called side-degrees. Gool luck. GAMA