Thursday, March 27, 2008

About Earning

I think this reply from justamason deserves a post:

"J .. it's nice to hear you'd like to learn the other parts of the proficiency in your jurisdiction. But remember things are different elsewhere. The Emulation work of England requires the EA to learn the answers to 11 questions, and that's it. No obligation. It's been that way for almost 200 years. Certainly no one would suggest no English Mason has "earned" their degree.Conversely, some European jurisdictions require a year between degrees and a paper to be written and defended in open Lodge. It would be equally incorrect to suggest American Masons have not "earned" their degree because they don't go such rigour."

I apologize for generalizing, I believe that any Mason has earned his degree if he completes the requirements of his jurisdiction. What upsets me is when, for example in Texas, some lodges decide to bend the rules that have been established by the Grand Lodge of Texas and allow shortcuts in order to gain more members. I also find it sad that some lodges in our jurisdiction could care less about doing quality degree work, and rely on another lodge to bail them out during rituals, because they do not care to maintain their proficiency at an acceptable level.

Again I apologize for generalizing and truly believe that if an English Mason completes what is required of him, that he has equally earned his degree as I have. And would disagree that he has earned it if his lodge offered him a shorter route just to gain more members.

All that being said, It is my opinion, that every Mason in the world should make an effort to learn as much as possible about the Craft. I personally feel that learning all 3 parts makes me more proficient, perhaps allowing me the opportunity to someday confer a degree upon another, based on what I have learned.

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